How to Make a 3D Clay Sculpture

Fun, Easy and Enjoyable Are you bored with some things in life and wants something different to do? Well, making a 3D Clay might interests you. In this manner, making a 3D clay sculpture is very much enjoyable. You'll be able to explore your creativity skills as you begin to form something out of clay. It is not only a form of art but a manifestation of one's artistic. We all know that we can make anything using clay. Hence, making a 3D clay is the best way of expressing our wildest imagination of something. So if you are ready to make a 3D clay, consider these following steps.

Making a 3D Clay: Preparation of Materials

Let's get started! Prepare all materials needed in making a 3D clay. You must have your clay, water, pen and paper. Any kind of clay such as earthen woven, stoneware, porcelain, Fido and self-drying clay can be used in the process as long as you are comfortable in using so. You must also finalize your mind as to what kind of sculpture are you going to create out of clay. For this instance, you may need a pen and paper to lay-out the image

Making a 3D Clay: Shaping of Clay

Create your own 3D sculpture Once materials are ready, all you have to do is shape your clay with any kind of shape you want. You may start it with a sphere, pyramid, cone or cube. In this sense, you ensure that the clay is not weaken. If clay begins to dry out, sprinkle it with enough water so that it will not turn out as a mess afterwards. You can hold the clay by pressing it and rotating it back and forth until you'll form your required shape.

Making a 3D Clay: The 3D Clay Making Proper and Completion

See your 3D Clay Masterpiece. After you carefully outline the shape of your clay, you are now ready to make your 3D clay sculpture throughout. You may start to design your clay with your preferred shapes for the completion of the sculpture. At this time, you may connect all formed clays to each other to create your desired figure. You'll have to continually smooth the clay until such time that you are satisfied with the formation. Once all shapes are completed, you are able to successfully make a 3D clay figurine using your inventive hands and mind.