How to create a Sugar Craft Rose like an expert cake decorator

Cakes are gaining worldwide popularity nowadays and what used to be simple baked treats of deliciousness are also now turning into beautiful works of art. Decorating the cake is just more than covering it in icing, there are now more creative ways to decorate the cakes. What started out as sponge cakes covered in meringue-based icing, you can now find several offshoot varieties like the faux fondant cakes crème-coated with icing made out of granulated sugar and egg whites to the most popular type today which is the fondant cakes or cakes custom-designed cakes covered in sheets of fondant icing and adorned with beautifully hand-crafted design accents like flowers or other designs made out of sweet gum paste.

if Use gum paste for making your sugar craft roses

Gum paste is today wonder ingredient in the cake decorating world. It can be shaped and molded like clay and can be colored any way you want it using edible food color. But what stands out today is the ability to create beautiful flower impressions using gum paste to decorate cakes and one of the well-loved designs today and the most sought after is the sugar craft rose. Make sure to work quickly as gum paste has a tendency to dry when exposed to air and it's best to have it shaped and ready before it does. A working window if 30 minutes is ideal to make the best sugar craft roses for your cake decorations.

if Start by creating your rose base

Begin with your rose cares by making small gum paste balls just smaller than thumb size and shape it like a tear drop. Just make enough for the number of flowers you plant to use for the decorations. Insert a toothpick at the wider base of the ball to allow you to hold up the base when placing the petals and other parts of the floor.

If creating the petals

using food-grade latex gloves, take out some gum paste and use food dyes or gel paste to color it to your desired hues. Knead the gum paste dough thoroughly until the color is evenly mixed throughout. Also take out a small ball of gum paste and color it with green gel paste to use for the calyx of the rose. Knead the dough well to make sure you get an even color. Roll out the balls set aside for the petals and calyx and spread into thin sheets.

If Shaping the petals and calyx

From the rolled out sheets, cut out tear shaped petals by using a pointed tool or a leaf-designed cutout template or cookie cutter. Handle the cutouts delicately to avoid ripping it. With a ball tool, roll out the edges of the petals using small circular motions to create natural-looking petal impressions. Sprinkle some cornstarch on t he sheets to prevent it from sticking to one another. Do the same with the calyx by outlining a small star-like shape with four pointed sides and set aside. To make your glue, dissolve cornstarch in water and set aside in a small bowl. With the gumpaste balls, you made earlier start to assemble the petals around it by applying the paste on the surface and place each petal on top of the other and overlapping it as you go around the base. Then when done, place the calyx at the bottom and set aside for decorating the cake.